Vespa 946 will be produced?

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Vespa 946 quarantasei Vespa 946 will be produced?

Piaggio pointed out will soon produce Vespa 946 for the North American market. This information is obtained when the Piaggio dealer meeting in Hollywood, yesterday (19/3). Although not yet determined the time of production, the new Piaggio scooters present estimated end of the year with Canopord Moto Guzzi California 1200 and 1400 as 2013 models.

Vespa 946 alerts us to the production of the first Vespa in 1946. Vespa 946 was first exhibited at the EICMA 2011 with the name Vespa Quarantasei.

This vehicle is unique because it represents the next generation design of the Vespa 1946 era, where the first years of Vespa scooters produced. However, it also represents a 946 Vespa a futuristic design elements with metallic paint, then depending on the seat design and dived forward.

Vespa 946 will use a single engine with three valves that is a new technology, this machine also has air conditioning and injection. Thus the Vespa 946 is expected to be more fuel-efficient, air content and a more refined sound.

Vespa 946 will be available two engine options, namely 125 or 150 cc engines. For the 125 cc engine is claimed to deliver maximum output at 11.15 PS 10.29 Nm of torque. While the 150 cc can produce 13.18 PS with torque of 12.59 Nm.

Vespa 946 quarantasei side view Vespa 946 will be produced?

Vespa 946 will be produced?

Title: Vespa 946 will be produced?

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