The new Hyundai Azera

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hyundai azera to be unveiled at la auto show 37499 1 1024x849 The new Hyundai Azera the new Hyundai Azera will be unveiled at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Hyundai is currently Preparing to introduce a new generation of the Azera and the company has big plans for its development. Curious to meet the new car? Well, Are We so. Fortunately, it seems a That We will not have to wait to long to meet the new Hyundai Azera.

As you can expect, the company has not released any details about the new Hyundai Azera yet, so We can only guess what its skin Will be like and what Will be hidden under it.

The new Hyundai Azera, we’re most interested in powerplants, so, just like We do everytime, we’ll start our journey predictive under the hood of the upcoming models. It seems a customers That Will be Able to choose the between two petrol engines. The first one Will be a (Probably modified) version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged unit, the which is expected to deliver over 270 hp. Customers want more muscle Should Be Able to opt for the 3.8-liter V6 mill That relies on natural aspiration to deliver around 330 hp.As for the design of the car, this Should follow Hyundai’s current trend, the “fluidic sculpture” language, so We Might Be in for some interesting styling cues. You can start Placing your batch here, now.

The new Hyundai Azera is expected to Arrive in U.S. showrooms at the beginning of next year. As for the European faith of the car, Things Are still uncertain.

The new Hyundai Azera

Title: The new Hyundai Azera

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