New Yamaha YZ450F

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Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha Motor, introducing the latest generation of motorcycle Yamaha YZ450F motocross kind in the United States. In addition to revising the fuel injectors and combustion in the engine system, the manufacturer had also changed the framework Yamaha YZ450F.

Yamaha YZ450F New Yamaha YZ450F

The new YZ450F Yamaha, using the framework of a lightweight aluminum but strong, making it easier for riders to maneuver.

The fuel injector work system is improved so quickly is also appropriate in addition to spraying fuel into the engine combustion chamber. So that the combustion process in the new Yamaha YZ450F more perfect and the energy produced is greater.

Completing the perfection that, Yamaha adds air box and engine cooling systems use a new muffler. The existence of the new exhaust back pressure air into the engine combustion chamber is larger, so the process of combustion in the engine is also more perfect.

Noise level exhaust Yamaha YZ450F with only 94 desible so qualified racing race
2012 YZ450F New Yamaha YZ450F
Yamaha YZ450F carry a 450 cc engine equipped with five-speed transmission. The distance between the bottom of the motor with the track reaching 383 millimeters (mm) and wheelbase 1487 mm. Dimensions is an ideal size for off-road trail bike or motocross racing.

New Yamaha YZ450F

Title: New Yamaha YZ450F

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