Details New Mercedes B-Klasse Released

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Mercedes reveals details Mercedes B-Klasse detail. Mercedes B-Klasse is also equipped four-wheel drive and engine-powered alternative.

Mercedes also make changes on the chassis of the car which means you no longer have a sandwich architecture, it allows engineers to lower the center of the B-Klasse of gravity up to 30 mm. The modification allows much more sporty feel, without losing the comfort that Mercedes owners are accustomed to.

A new “energy storage” has been designed into the space between the floor and the tray can be used to store batteries, natural gas tanks and fuel cells. This new feature will be installed in the future, hydrogen and hybrid variants, which are scheduled for 2013/2014.

Mercedes B Klasse Details New Mercedes B Klasse Released

The new Mercedes B-Klasse is equipped with a multi-link rear suspension designed to accommodate the four-wheel drive, 4MATIC models will be available in more powerful models also in the AMG models.

Mercedes is considering the possibility of benefiting from its partnership with Renault to develop a range of three-cylinder engines to cover the most efficient range. The new engine is a 1.6 liter direct injection turbo, and available in two versions, which will produce 123 hp or 154 hp. Special attention has been paid at the same time the engine will have the lowest speed, so you get peak reaches a low 1,250 rpm remarcably.

The inauguration of the new Mercedes B-Klasse will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with sales in Europe to begin this fall.

Details New Mercedes B-Klasse Released

Title: Details New Mercedes B-Klasse Released

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